Frequently Asked Questions

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will receive 25% – 35% of the gross rental revenue for all rentals depending on the property and type of rental program. Annual rentals are 10% of the gross rental revenue.

The Guest that rents the unit pays for the departure cleaning and any additional cleaning that is requested or required.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY charges the applicable state, county and city taxes to the guests upon reservation and will in turn pay the taxes to the appropriate parties. You, the owner, are relieved of this responsibility.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY holds a security deposit on every guest that makes a reservation. When damages or missing items are discovered upon their departure, the guests are at that time charged. Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will then handle the replacement or repair of the item.

Upon signing the contract with Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY, you will be asked to provide a complete inventory of the items that are in the unit. At this time Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will make recommendations for any necessary items needed for the rental of your unit. The items that are included in the inventory are only items that are considered to be essential for rental program purposes.

If your unit has an extra storage closet, you may place a lock on it and use it for personal items. Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will however in no way be held responsible or liable for any claims of damage or missing items that are left in the closet or rental itself.

The owner is responsible for the payment of the mortgage, utilities, and telephone service with a long distance block, basic cable, association fees and maintenance fees.

At the end of the month, checks and statements are sent out for all revenue processed in the month prior.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY routinely does an inventory and assessment of the condition of the unit (normally a departure housekeeping function). At this time, repairs, touch-up paint, carpet cleaning, AC filter changes will be scheduled. Every effort is made to eliminate any inconvenience to the guests or the owner.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will order and oversee repairs. Upon completion for labor and materials the owner is charged against current income and is reflected on the monthly statement.

The following items are charged per instance of replacement or repair:

* Touch up painting
* Carpet cleaning
* Light bulb replacement
* AC filter cleaning or replacement
* Other minor repairs necessary for the general upkeep of the residence.
* Replacement of towels and linens.
* Dishes, pots and pans
* Glassware, silverware

Housekeeping is in charge of purchasing goods such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY can refer vendors, upon request, for furniture packages, window treatment, flooring and for the small wares such as linens, kitchenware, electronics and so on. Typically, rental units are decorated either in a contemporary or a West Indies tropical style. You can also visit one of our properties to view rentals that are already decorated for guidance and inspiration.

It is not recommended that the units/homes have excessive or expensive decorative items in them. It is not recommended to place anything of great monetary or personal value in the units or homes, as these are rentals.

If the reservation in your rental can be moved, we will move it. If it cannot be moved, we will try to arrange for you to stay in another owner’s rental at a discounted rate.

Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY will not as common practice, inform owners of the day-to-day status of their units. Belloise Realty VACATION RENTAL COMPANY prefers to dedicate the time, energy, and resources of its employees to the rental, and proper management of the units, as well as to provide as much support as we can to our guest. Owners may, of course, contact us by e-mail with any questions or concerns. Owners may, of course, contact us if you have any questions or concerns.