Escape Room on Clearwater Beach

This past weekend, my family and I drove out to Clearwater Beach for some relaxation. We decided to do something different than what we usually do when we go out to the beach and spend the entire day soaking in the water or tanning under the hot Florida sun. We came across an Escape Room that was only a block away from the beach. We decided to check it out and I’m glad we did! An escape room is a game that challenges your mind. The point of the game is to gather clues and decipher secret meanings in order to escape the room you are trapped in before you run out of time. What’s neat about this particular escape room is that there are different themed rooms to choose from such as Pirate Ship, Cyber Attack, Area 51 Aliens, Zombie Underground, the DaVinci Exhibit, and more! The one my family and I did was the DaVinci Exhibit. This room was really cool because it was set up as if you were in an actual art gallery. There were paintings on the walls, statues placed around the room, and secret passageways. Given only one hour to work as a team to escape the room, it was fun trying to solve the riddles and codes. It was challenging to think out of the box but we were able to escape the room with 10 seconds left to spare. I highly recommend visiting the escape room on Clearwater Beach. It’s a different experience for anyone and it’s a great way to have fun.

The escape room is located at the Pelican Walk Plaza: 483 Mandalay Ave #210, Clearwater, FL 33767.

For more information you can reach them at (727) 754-9752 or visit



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